Spruced is an online interactive community. Through our timeline interface, we enable you to socially compare professionals and their services offered, recommend or recruit your go-to providers, hire your favorite services, and show off your results! The newsfeed is flooded with posts which allow you to read reviews, ask or answer questions, write about your experiences, watch or create tutorials, and share with others any and all things beautiful.


When ordering your grooming, beauty, or wellness services… a certified and licensed professional will come to you, wherever you are, whenever you want. However, you don’t have to order a service for home. Spruced will also serve as a booking app. Instead of selecting the at home option, you can simply choose to have the service performed in salon, spa, or studio. The choice is yours!


Our mission is to provide a community based platform for all beauty and wellness enthusiasts to connect on a social level. A digital pedestal that will grant likes, comments, photos, videos, referrals, recommendations, q&a’s, tips, tutorials, and all. Along side… we are driven to supply a live, elite scheduler through innovative and convenient solutions at an affordable price.


Our vision is a personable, unforgettable experience. One that creates a digital pedestal for entrepreneurial growth for the professional while producing exceptional results for the consumer.

“It seems like the world has completely changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but we know the beauty and wellness industry will come back stronger than ever. With the recent mindset shift to services on-demand and at the click of a button, we believe our online scheduling tool is just what everyone needs.”
-Blake Smith

“Our mission is to provide a community-based platform for all beauty and wellness enthusiasts to connect on a social level - a digital pedestal that provides a space for photo sharing, referrals, recommendations, and tutorials. We are driven to supply an elite scheduler through innovative and convenient solutions.”
-Cain Thevenot